Posted by Grant Beaumont on May 15, 2015

6 Tips for Dealing With Emergencies in Strata Buildings

6 Tips for Dealing With Emergencies in Strata Buildings The recent storms in Sydney and across New South Wales created havoc amongst for many building owners, including owners corporations. While it is well understood that an owners corporation has an obligation to repair common property, these would be my six tips for owners and owners corporations for dealing with an emergency: Prepare – Nothing beats preparedness to mitigate the damage that an emergency can do. Owners corporations must ensure that routine maintenance is being don

Posted by Grant Beaumont on March 19, 2015

“Dysfunctional” owners corporation? Lets get back on track! Here is how…

Compulsory Appointment Of A Strata Manager Strata schemes may often find themselves in trouble where one or more owners feel aggrieved by their treatment by other owners. A number of owners, especially those in smaller schemes where voting rights might be deadlocked, find themselves in the unenviable situation of not being able to manage their scheme effectively because other owners block decisions or make decisions that contravene the owners corporation’s duties under the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (“the Act”). Where an owner

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SELF MANAGEMENT OR STRATA MANAGEMENT? The owners corporation has a duty to control, manage and administer the common property for the benefit of owners.  These duties are set out in the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 (‘the Act’). Both the owners corporation and executive committee should be alert to the obligation to perform the duties, since the ultimate sanction for failure is removal of the control, management and administration from the owners. An Adjudicator or the Tribunal may instead appoint a compulsory strata managing ag

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My Top Six Tips For Buying A Strata Titled Property

New South Wales can claim credit as the first jurisdiction to introduce strata title, a form of shared ownership that has been replicated around the world. However, despite its popularity (there are more than 80,000 schemes in New South Wales alone), many new owners do not understand the concept and therefore are unclear of what is involved. The first thing that owners need to understand is that they have a shared interest in “common property” that would include walls, ceilings, doors and windows (for example), and individual ownership of t

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The Top Five Things to Look for in a New Strata Manager

Many owners find that they “inherit” their strata manager from previous owners or developers and so have not had much say in the firm appointed or the individuals nominated to handle the management of their property. For many property owners, their property, be it their home, rental property, office, warehouse of shop, is one of their single greatest investments and so entrusting its management to a company and person you can trust is very important. There may come a time when owners band together and decide that it is time for a change.