Posted by Grant Beaumont on August 19, 2019

Strata Collective Sales: First One Over the Line

News came out last week that the first “collective sale” under New South Wales’s “new” legislation has now been ordered by the Land & Environment Court. It seems remarkable that it has taken until now for the 159-lot mixed residential/commercial building in Sussex St, Sydney to set the benchmark given the legislation allowing the collective sale was part of the significant strata law reforms in 2015 and 2016. However, while remarkable, I would not say that this is surprising. The legislation enabling a collective sale is co

Posted by Grant Beaumont on May 9, 2019

Patrol of Strata and Community Property by Councils’ Parking Officers

  As managers of both residential and non-residential strata estates, one thing is clear to us…no one likes a ‘free-loader’, and especially not one that uses visitors’ parking for his/her own private use. Whether it’s a resident, a long-term visitor or an employee that continues to park in a visitors’ car space or a person from an adjoining building or commuter who believes that they are ‘above the law’, parking in visitors’ spaces is usually the top of the list of issues facing owners corporations. Thankfully, 2

Posted by Grant Beaumont on April 1, 2019

Strata Building Defects – Dealing with Aluminium Cladding in a New Building

  So you’ve bought into a beautiful new building, but worried that “all that glistens is not gold”? Aluminium cladding has been used extensively across Australia (and the world) – it presents very nicely: clean, slick lines and very “on trend”. However, in recent times, its flammability has contributed to significant damage, including loss of life, and so it is natural (and I would say essential!) that owners seriously consider what risk might be lurking on the outside of their buildings. The Grenfell Tower block blaze in

Posted by Grant Beaumont on January 10, 2019

How prepared is your Strata Manager for a Disaster?

  As we return to work after the Christmas and New Year holidays, many of us would be aware and would have reflected on the terrible situation facing the owners and residents at the Opal Tower at Homebush. What a disaster that is for those affected at such an inopportune moment (just before Christmas, and only months after moving into a brand new building). One imagines the excitement that new residents and owners must have felt when starting on a new adventure and the disappointment when disaster struck. Much has been said for the role

Posted by Grant Beaumont on November 28, 2018

Collecting Levy Arrears: Law Changes

  It’s easy for owner corporations to ignore their financial management responsibilities and focus on enforcing by-laws and carrying out repairs and maintenance. To them, financial management is just something they need to think about when it’s time for the next Annual General Meeting and for striking levies. Fortunately, most owners make all payments on time and they have enough money coming in to ensure bills are paid on time. Things don’t always proceed so smoothly however. Sometimes, financially strapped owners delay in

Posted by Grant Beaumont on November 15, 2018

Strata Plan Financials

A look at how the New Act affects an Owner Corporation and Strata Managers It has now been some time since the commencement of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (the Act) which took the place of the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 (the Old Act), but I felt it was timely to discuss some changes that may not be well known to owners, to the extent they relate to the financial management of schemes. Meticulous financial management is absolutely crucial when managing any strata scheme. It is impossible for the Owners Corporation to fun

Posted by Grant Beaumont on May 23, 2017

THE NEW ACT: Proxy Farming

Proxies allow individuals to represent another person and are used in various areas including strata and community schemes. While proxies are intended to facilitate and simplify proceedings when an individual cannot be personally present, sometimes they don’t work so smoothly. For example, the application of proxies in strata and community schemes has been marred by controversies. Ever since the original strata scheme legislation was introduced, there was a serious need to address the rights of owners who were unable to attend meetings per

Posted by Grant Beaumont on November 6, 2015

DEVELOPER ALERT: Proposed changes to strata legislation

The Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, Mr Victor Dominello, has recently introduced the Strata Schemes Management Bill 2015 and Strata Schemes Development Bill 2015 into the New South Wales state parliament. With some modest amendments, the bills have passed through both houses of parliament. After various changes of responsible ministers, several rounds of consultation and significant industry and community input, we have draft legislation. While the government has not adopted all recommendations of industry bodies such as Stra

Posted by Grant Beaumont on July 16, 2015


STRATA LAW REFORM – EXPOSURE DRAFT RELEASED Today, the Minister responsible for Fair Trading Victor Dominello, released two exposure drafts outlining proposed strata law reform. The community is able to make comment on the drafts until 12 August. With 25% of Greater Sydney’s population residing in strata and community title schemes, the proposed update to New South Wales’ strata laws, first introduced in 1961 and updated on various occasions since that time, will be welcome. The government has recognised that the existing laws do no

Posted by Grant Beaumont on June 16, 2015


Joining the Strata Committee of your strata or community scheme can be an incredibly rewarding experience; it can also be fraught with angst. As a strata committee member, you are representing the interests of all owners and so there is no place for vested interests. In principle, members should join the committee as they wish to be involved in the betterment of the premises in which they live or work. Over the years, I have personally been a member of committees for commercial, industrial and residential schemes, as both an investor